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Art talk: Knutte Wester

Welcome to this digital art talk with the artist Knutte Wester on March 24, 12-13.

Meet Knutte Wester in his studio in Umeå. We will discuss his video Where the border runs (2017), screened in the atrium during March 2021.

Knutte Wester will talk to PhD student Jessica Backsell.

Open for all! Zoom link will be presented here.

Imaginary boundaries, in time and space, where things coalesce are one of the themes of Knutte Wester´s video work - a part of a larger collaborative project together with a group of refugees.

We see a boy whose family is without documents and seeking asylum in Sweden, hiding somewhere in the Swedish landscape, searching the area where allowed to live. It seems like the border is an ever-moving target for the boy: Not there, nor here - sprinkled around everywhere. Walking towards the Stop sign he sees a crack in the road chooses to manifest “Here it is. The border”.


Still from the video Where the border runs

Art Initiative

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