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The story of the hair: ABC Colloquium with Afshin Mehrpouya

Welcome to this seminar called The story of the hair – a reflection on “vital realism” and the role of objects within in the photographic work of XEDER with Afshin Mehrpouya, Professor and Chair of Accounting at University of Edinburgh Business School. October 8, 3-5 with a small mingle afterwards.


Pic from the sessions of XEDER - a contemplation of the vitality of hair

In this talk, Afshin Mehrpouya will reflect on his observations of the photographic sessions of XEDER. He will engage in an analysis of the role of objects and their relations to the materiality of the human body, and reflects on the fluid vitality of flesh. He will discuss the dynamics of a photographic session – how during a session, objects are brought in tension with each other and the human flesh, and how by dis-entanglement of objects from their day-to-day aura and associations – the artist aims to engage in a “vital realism” which would capture the emanations, cries, whispers and “voluptuous silence” of “feral objects” – going beyond the visual realism & representational flaccidness of identities, narratives and habitual associations. He will do this through a theoretical and poetic reflection on the vitality of hair in Xeder’s photographic work. He will end by reflecting on vitality as a shared ideal in artistic and academic life/creation and its implications for how we perceive and how we express.

3-5 pm on October 8 in the Cabinet Room, floor 3, Sveavägen 65

Warm welcome. Open for all.

Sign up to artinitiative@hhs.se

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