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Methods Lab: Writing through vulnerability

Welcome to this Methods Clinic with Jenny Helin (Uppsala University) on “Writing through vulnerability during troubling times: Exploring vertical writing that shakes the ground”, October 1, 14-16 at SSE.

We will explore assumptions around temporality and writing with the aim of learning more about our own writing practices, discuss the relationships between reading and writing, and hopefully gain new insights about the possibilities of academic writing.

​Are we, as academics, stuck in a horizontal temporality, organized by the clock, that flattens our work, our words? In reading Hélène Cixous, Gaston Bachelard, and others, a rupture strikes, establishing another temporality: vertical time. Is it possible, I ask, to learn from these authors and engage in academic writing in verticality? The answer is: Yes! Through an in-depth reading of special pieces, I see clearly that when we use our scholarly voice to write from within our vulnerabilities, it becomes possible to climb all the way up or dig ourselves deep down. In other words, we can 'go deep' in the sense of touching that which is most important, as well as finding ways to 'fly high,' through writing. This shows that writing and temporality are always already interweaved with each other because writing produces temporalities just as temporality at play produces writing.

Jenny Helin is an Associate Professor at the Business Department, Uppsala University. She is the Director of Uppsala University's Graduate School on Sustainability and she has a strong interest in academic work practices, with a special focus on writing. She is involved in a range of activities in relation to academic writing, such as the international research project “Open writing: The missing link on the open science agenda", the community around writing differently with a special issue in Management Learning 2019 (issue 1) and the newly published Writing Differently, edited with Alison Pullen and Nancy Harding, for Routledge. 

Welcome! No pre-readings required. Room Johan, Saltmätargatan 4th floor.

Open for SSE faculty, staff and students.

The Methods Lab

Please register with us before September 30th by responding to methodslab@hhs.se. The number of participants will be limited on a first come first served basis. Please let us know if you can't attend any longer so that someone else can join.

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