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Methods Clinic with Afshin Mehrpouya – The epistemological value of shadows and the politics of visibility in qualitative inquiries

The Methods Lab at ABC (SSE's research center for Arts, Business and Culture) is a new and progressive incubator of methodology-focused discourse and experiments in new methods that range from the sciences, humanities as well as arts-based approaches at the the Stockholm School of Economics. Created by a team of PhD students and junior scholars, the Methods Lab focuses on ways in which we make methods matter, bringing different ontological and epistemological stances into dialogue. Exploring, experimenting, and engaging with those curious to see what the world of methods has to offer, the methods lab aims to contribute to a wider dialogue of what engaged scholarship in business and social sciences could be like. Regularly, the Lab organises Methods Clinics to foster discussions about methodology and methods particularly amongst young scholars. Welcome to our upcoming Methods Clinic with Afshin Mehrpouya!

Afshin Mehrpouya on “The epistemological value of shadows and the politics of visibility in qualitative inquiries"

As silence is celebrated by sound, complexity highlights simplicity in a legacy of contradiction that leads the gaze from what is loud and visible to what might be neither. “Thus darkness illuminates,” writes Junichiro Tanizaki, and though it is easy to remain an admirer of such expression, it is a subject desiring to be picked up, questioned, examined. Does the invisible construct matter? How and why do we attach immaterial values to material entities? What is there to be found in shadows and flaws for a scientist? What does the presence of shadows tell us? And what role does aestheticism play in what we do?

Together with Afshin Mehrpouya from HEC Paris, we will discuss the epistemological value of shadows and the politics of visibility in qualitative inquiries in our upcoming seminar. Afshin is an associate professor of accounting and management control systems at HEC Paris, where he researches the role of performance measurement in transnational governance. His interests lie in the construction and use of calculative knowledge forms such as rankings and ratings. 

Grab your drink of choice and join us in tracing the invisible!

When: 26th of May 2020, 13:00-15:00

Where: Zoom - Register to receive our link (see email below)

What: Seminar presentation and informal discussions amongst all of us

To Dos: Register and do a task to prepare that we will share upon registration

Please sign up before May 24th by writing to Friederike.dobbe@phdstudent.hhs.se



Kind regards,

Your Methods Clinic Organization Team


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