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Meet the artist Jeff Koons in conversation with the Nobel Prize Laureate Eric Kandel about arts and science

In cooperation with “Judisk Kultur I Sverige” Stockholm School of Economics proudly announces a unique event featuring a conversation between artist Jeff Koons and Nobel Laureate in Medicine Eric Kandel on creative hybridizing of Contemporary Art with cutting-edge Science. At Stockholm School of Economics, this is a central topic since Art plays an increasingly important role for our research-based education.

Judisk Kultur i Sverige presents: Arts and Science, two parallel expressions to human creative capabilities. 

In honor of George Klein, leading cancer researcher and strong advocate for bridging culture and science, Judisk Kultur i Sverige is proud to present Nobel Prize Laureate  in Physiology or Medicine Eric Kandel, and world-renowned artist Jeff Koons in a unique conversation. 

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Judisk Kultur i Sverige in cooperation with Georg och Eva Klein Foundation, Karolinska Institutets' Culture Council, SSE Art Initiative at the Stockholm School of Economics and the Royal Academy of Fine Arts. 


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