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Art talk: A place in Europe

All you ever wanted to know about A Place in Europe: the film sculpture outside the school that explores issues of poverty, inequality and displacement. Meet the artists, the architects and Thomas Kwame Awarija (the protagonist in the film) on January 15, 12-13, in Ragnar. Lunch is served.

“A Place in Europe” circles around scarcity, despair, belonging and migrationis and is a temporal installation placed outside the school until Feb 4 2020. The talk is arranged by the students at the school. The sculpture is made by Cecilia Parsberg and Erik Pauser in collaboration with the architects Haval Murad and David Martinez Escobar.

As a social science, economics encompasses knowledge and research on material aspects of human live. It so happened that a few day after the inauguration of “A place in Europe” the Stockholm School of Economics hosted a seminar for the 2019 Nobel Laureates in Economics. This year the prize was awarded to Abhijit Banerjee, Esther Duflo and Michael Kremer for their empirical research into effects of poverty alleviation attempts. During the seminar someone asked, Is Poverty a question for Economics? Abhijit Banerjee simply retorted; If it is not in ought to be!

Come and ask all the questions you have, and learn about the process and thinking behind the sculpture and what it´s like to be homeless far away from your home country.

A Place in Europe has it´s own homepage, find it here.

- Lunch will be served -

Room: Ragnar
Sign-ups for SSE students open at 12:15 on Monday, the 12th of
January at: https://www.sasse.se/art-talk-place-europe

Externals may sign-up by e-mailing: artinitiative@hhs.se
RSVP by the 14th of January 13:00

More info: https://www.hhs.se/en/outreach/sse-initiatives/art-initiative/program1/temporary-exhibitions/a-place-in-europe/

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