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The 14th Scancor PhD workshop on Institutional Analysis

At the 14th Scancor PhD workshop on Institutional Analysis international faculty will present current research, review recent papers, and discuss new methodological tools that deepen the institutional agenda. Special attention is given to institutional emergence, persistence, and transformation.

You are welcome to participate in the Public Morning lectures betweeen August 29 and September 2. 

Public Morning Lectures

Monday August 29th
09.30–10.45: How the iron cage evolves: From accounting to accountability as the content of rationalization by Woody Powell, Stanford University 
11.00–12.15 The transnational travels of civil society: volunteering and philanthropy in the limelight by Filip Wijkström, Stockholm School of Economics 

Tuesday August 30th
09.30–10.45 Tactical Innovation in Social Movements: The Effects of Peripheral and Multi-Issue Protest by  Sarah Soule, Stanford University 
11.00–12.15 Norm breaking and institutional stability and change by Stefan Jonsson, Uppsala University

Wednesday August 31th
09.30–10.45 Rankings, Managers, and the Rise of Win-Win Discourse in U.S. Firms, 1960–2010 by  Patricia Bromley, Stanford University 
11.00–12.15 Rankings and the global organization of status competition by Linda Wedlin, Uppsala University 

Thursday September 1th
09.30–10.45 Memories and Dreams of Organizations: On identity narratives of small players with large ambitions on the global stage by Gili Droli, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
11.00–12.15 Discursive perspectives on institutions by Eero Vaara, Hanken School of Management 

Friday September 2nd
09.30–10.45 Contracts, Clauses, Credit Ratings and Conditionalities:Distributed Governance in Global Finance by Bruce Carruthers, Northwestern University 
11.00–12.15 Explaining Institutions:A Perspective from Analytical Sociologyby Peter Hedström, Institute of Analytical Sociology, Linköping 

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