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Overflow - lunch seminar

Welcome to the opening symposium for "Awakening" by Meta Isæus-Berlin with Barbara Czarniawska and Orvar Löfgren. Introductory speech by Lars Strannegård.

The piece “Awakening” is a work by the Swedish artist Meta Isæus-Berlin that been donated to the Stockholm School of Economics for permanent display. As an opening event for Isæus-Berlin’s deluging installation, the Stockholm School of Economics and the Art Division would like to invite you to a symposium about overflow, and how one can manage excess through learning how to neglect and ignore.

Lunch is included. Seats are limited. RSVP to ArtDivision@sasse.se before 31 March.


Barbara Czarniawska
Professor of Management Studies, University of Gothenburg Barbara Czarniawska is the head of the research program Managing Overflow at GRI, and, together with Orvar Löfgren, is co-editor of “Coping with Excess - How Organizations, Communities and Individuals Manage Overflow.” She takes a feminist and constructionist perspective on organizing, recently exploring the phenomenon of overflow and the ways in which people, institutions and corporations define and manage situations of too much.

Orvar Löfgren
Professor of European Ethnology University of Lund Orvar Löfgren, focuses, in his research, on cultural analysis and ethnography of everyday life. He explores the world of crucial but elusive academic skills used for surviving overflows, and underlines the importance of selective knowledge and the ability to oversee and forget.

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