PhD Programs

Bringing together extra-ordinary talent and real-life problems

Research attracts people for a variety of reasons: the freedom and the flexibility in work, the challenge of solving problems, the stimulating environment of intellegent people, the possibility of travelling the world and meeting with bright minds, the true fascination of research, and the challenge to develop thought leadership in a specific field. Individual differences spur creativity and talent drives change.

The combination of extraordinary talent, a creative environment, and real-life problems builds a solid foundation for advancement in economics, finance and business administration. The overall objective of the SSE PhD Programs is to produce cutting-edge researchers. If you contribute your talent, work hard and remain curious, our faculty will provide high-quality supervision and an exciting environment where real-life problems take center stage.

Welcome to SSE PhD!

We offer three PhD Programs:


The SSE PhD Program in Finance (240 ECTS) follows the standard US format: rigorous coursework in the first two years, and independent work on research projects that will make up the doctoral...

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The SSE PhD Program in Economics (240 ECTS) is a North American-style program with around 35 doctoral students.

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Business Administration

The SSE PhD Program in Business Administration (240 ECTS) prepares our graduates to be successful researchers or to advance in their chosen careers.

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