Center for Marketing, Distribution & Industry Dyn. 

Center for Marketing, Distribution and Industry Dynamics

The Center's mission is to address the needs of students, academics, industry and society for research and education concerning foremost business markets and marketing.

The Center for Marketing, Distribution and Industry Dynamics has a long history and is one of the oldest at SSE. It has the overall responsibility for the Marketing Major. We carry the base load of the lecturing and the student’s specialization on business marketing is our prime concern.

The research centres around the understanding of market systems where a theoretical framework based on the "markets as networks"- paradigm is body joining, in various ways, the majority of the researchers. We identify six major areas in which several researchers actively contribute:

  • Transports, Supply Chains and Distribution Systems
  • Internationalisation of Firms and International Marketing
  • Institutional and Technological Change Including Knowledge Development
  • Market Policy and the Construction and function of Markets
  • Sustainable Development from a Market Perspective including Corporate Social and Environmental Responsibility
  • Buyer- Seller Relationships, Purchasing and Sales
  • Business Strategy and Business Networks

We define our task as developing knowledge about markets, how such systems and actors in them operate and could be influenced. This means that we cover issues such as marketing and sales, purchasing and supply chain management, technology enabled business (ICT), technology development and diffusion, institutional mechanisms in markets and their impact, international marketing, retailing and distribution, sustainability, etc.

When it comes to industries and business covered we are strong in areas such as telecom and ICT, transports, retailing, banking, construction industry, recycling business, physical infrastructure, health care, air-line business, etc. This means a nice blend of goods and services industries. The D-section has a staff of roughly 35 people.

Professor Björn Axelsson is the Director of the Center for Marketing, Distribution and Industry Dynamics.