Center for Information and Communication Research  

Center for Information and Communication Research

The Center for Information and Communication Research (CIC) is the youngest of the centers within the Marketing Area.
CIC was started in February 1997 with funding from VINNOVA. It was set up as an information and competence center to coordinate and pursue business research on the use of communications and information technology.

Presently, two major areas of research are pursued by researchers at CIC, both with a strong focus on information and telecommunications technologies. In a set of demand side oriented projects, the implementation and use by individuals and organizations of new mobile technologies are in focus. The second group of more supply side oriented research projects investigates viable new options for new technological and economical regimes for mobile communication.

CIC is also involved in several courses within the Marketing Major. Among these are the courses Services and New Technologies, and the Media Management courses within the Media and New Business Development program, which is run as a joint course program between Stockholm School of Economics and the Royal Institute of Technology.

CICs international activities include a central role in the Global Mobility Roundtable. The Roundtable is a series of global conferences on mobile communication and computing, organized by an international group of visionary researchers and practitioners. The meetings provide an opportunity for researchers and business leaders to benefit from discussions on the latest innovations in mobile technologies and analyses of their business applications

CIC actively coordinates researchers and business leaders also through a series of recurrent seminars in the CIC Open Seminar series.

Professor Per Andersson is the Director of the Center for Information and Communication Research.