Stockholm Institute of Transition Economics  

Anders Olofsgård

Associate Professor
Research Interests: Political Economy, Economic Development, Applied Microeconomics.

Refereed Publications

"The Costs of Political Influence: Firm-level Evidence from Developing Countries", the Quarterly Journal of Political Science (with R. Desai), forthcoming.

"Union Leaders as Experts: Wage Bargaining and Strikes with Union-Wide Ballot Requirements", Scandinavian Journal of Economics, forthcoming.

"The Logic of Authoritarian Bargains", Economics and Politics, Vol. 21, Issue 1, pp. 93-125, March 2009, (with R. Desai and T. Yousef).

"Delegation versus Communication in the Organization of Government", Journal of Public Economics, Vol. 92 (2008), pp. 213-235, (with R. Ludema).

"Corruption and Political and Economic Reforms: A Structural Breaks Approach", Economics and Politics, Vol. 20 (2008), pp. 156-184, (with Z. Zahran).

"Foreign Aid: an Instrument for Fighting Poverty or Communism?”, Journal of Development Studies, Vol. 43 (2007), pp. 622-648, (with A. Boschini).

"Political Constraints and Public Support for Reforms"IMF Staff Papers, Vol. 53 (2006), pp. 92-114, (with R. Desai).

"Constitutionalism and Credibility in Post-Communist Economies", Economics of Transition, Vol. 14 (2006), pp. 479-504, (with R. Desai).

The Political Advantage of a Soft Budget Constraint", European Journal of Political Economy, Vol. 22 (2006), pp. 370-387, (with R. Desai).

”Inflation and Inequality: Does Political Structure Matter?”, Economics Letters, Vol. 87 (2005), pp. 41-46, (with R. Desai and T. Yousef).

"Secessions and Political Extremism: Why Regional Referenda Do Not Solve the Problem", the Journal of the European Economic Association, Vol. 2 (2004),  pp. 805-832.

"Democracy, Inequality and Inflation”, American Political Science Review, Vol. 97 (2003), pp. 391-406. (with R. Desai and T. Yousef).

"Incentives for Secession in the Presence of Mobile Ethnic Groups", Journal of Public Economics, Vol. 87 (2003), pp. 2105-2128.

Contact Information

Phone: +46 8 736 96 87 
Office: 942 (main building, 9th floor)

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