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Electronic Paper Series

Electronic publications are increasingly becoming an important vehicle for the dissemination of research results in the academic world.
At the Institute, two databases for electronic working papers, within the larger RePEc (Research Papers in Economics), have been developed by professor Sune Karlsson. One in Economics and Finance (S-WoPEc, started in 1994), and one in Business Administration (S-WoBA, started in 1998).

Currently, the SSE Working Paper Series in Economics and Finance (in S-WoPEc) contains in total some 700 working papers, while the SSE Working Paper Series in Business Administration (in the younger S-WoBA) passed 150 papers last year. Until the end of February, 2010, the 15 most popular working papers in the SSE series together had been down-loaded more than 310 000 times.

Working Paper Series

S-WoPEc - working papers in Economics and Finance

S-WoBA - working papers in Business Administration

 DiVA - dissertations