Department of Economics 

The Ohlin Lectures

In order to honor the significant scientific achievements of Bertil Ohlin, the Stockholm School of Economics arranges the annual Ohlin Lectures.
These lectures are devoted to important economic problems in areas close to Ohlin’s heart. The lectures are subsequently published in book form by the MIT Press, Cambridge, MA and London, in a series that has gained a wide readership. In 1999, an international symposium to honor the name of Bertil Ohlin was also arranged at the school with the participation of a large number of leading international economists.

The Ohlin Lectures 2014

This year's Ohlin Lectures will be given by Professor Timothy J. Kehoe,
Distinguished McKnight University Professor at University of Minnesota.
The lectures will be held September 17 and 18, 2014, at Sveavägen 65.

Generous financial support from Jacob Wallenbergs Stiftelse and Kjell och Märta Beijers Stiftelse is gratefully acknowledged