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Ilinca Benson
Ilinca Benson is Assistant Professor of Business Administration at the Stockholm School of Economics (SSE). She has been at the Center for Management and Organization since 2000. Before that she worked as a communication consultant. She received her Ph.D. from SSE in 2008. The name of her doctoral thesis is Organisering av övergångar på arbetsmarknaden. En studie av omställningsprogram (Organization of transitions in the labor market. A study of outplacement programs).

Ilinca Benson teaches courses in Organization and Management at the SSE and is currently Program Director of Executive MBA at IFL Executive Education at SSE. She is co-editor of Forskning i Fickformat (Pocket-size Research), a series of publications with the aim to spread current research in the economic and social sciences to a wider audience, published by the Economic Research Institute at SSE.

Ilinca Benson’s research concerns the organization of transition processes and market practices. Her doctoral dissertation focuses on how transitions are organized in today’s labor market and what implications this has on how careers are construed. The theoretical framework is built predominantly on sociological theories of organization. Career is conceptualized as a social process of qualification and requalification, a trajectory undertaken by subjects within a specific social setting. Especially important for her analytical model is the idea of careers as a chain of status passages. Since the labor market is constitutive for the context of the kind of careers (work careers) that are under scrutiny in her study, she draws on theories depicting career as a social process of commoditization.

Key words: career, commoditization, employability, labor market, organization, rite of passage, social process, transition program, transition, work life

List of publications:
  • Benson, Ilinca (2009). Gränslösa karriärer?, in Holmberg, Carina and Filip Wijkström (eds), Kunskapsbyggaren. Meningsfulla möten och kunskap utan gränser. Stockholm: EFI vid Handelshögskolan i Stockholm.

  • Benson, Ilinca (2008). Organisering av övergångar på arbetsmarknaden. En studie av omställningsprogram. Doktorsavhandling. Stockholm: EFI vid Handelshögskolan i Stockholm.
  • Benson, Ilinca (2006). Producing employable individuals – outplacement programs as sites for identity regulation. Paper presented at Managing Identities in Complex Organizations: an International Workshop, Lund University.
  • Benson, Ilinca (2006). From employed to employable – exploring the outplacement program as a site for career and identity construction. Paper presented at the 22nd EGOS Colloquium, 2006.